Values and Principles

What connects us with our customers and keeps them together within the company? We have stated this in the following basic values ​​and guidelines:

Sustainable Success

Our economic activities are designed to promote sustainable solutions and results for the benefit of our customers and employees, and to take a responsible stance in the society of which we are a part.

Innovating for the benefit of our Customers

We base our business practices on long-term value and competitiveness. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Through cooperation we strive to maximise business opportunities and develop products, processes and services to a high scientific and technical level.

Health and Safety and Environmental Protection

Economic considerations do not take priority over safety, health and environmental protection. We go beyond environmental awareness and regulatory requirements and strive for continuous improvement.

Climate Protection and Resource Conservation

Our energy policy is designed to be sustainable and efficient. We strive for an economical use of energy through modernization and investment in the use of renewable energy. Our technical monitoring system allows us to constantly adjust and optimise energy usage throughout the production process.

Personal and Professional Competence

We encourage our employees to contribute their creativity and potential for the success of the company. Our organisation, steering processes and cooperation are focused on the achievement of excellence both by the individual and in teams.

Mutual Respect and Open Dialogue

We treat everyone equally and respectfully. We pursue an open and trusting dialogue in our company, with our partners and the relevant organisations.


We seek to act in accordance with different views and values. We respect the local laws and customs wherever we find ourselves doing business. All Management decisions will be taken with these in mind.

Our Integrated Management System is used to plan, organise, lead and control business processes in order to create greater value. By integrating the areas of food safety, quality, environmental protection and occupational safety into a respectful management system we create synergies which make an even more efficient management system possible.

The management provides all necessary maintenance and further development of the integrated management system and wishes to place all our knowledge and resources at your disposal. These values and principles are binding on all employees.