About us

About us

The history of MCI Miritz begins with the foundation of the company in 1965. Today the family business is managed by Dr. Tillmann Miritz at the technology location Germany. 
Through constant investments in research and development, a production facility at the highest technological level and not least through the development of a qualified and highly motivated team, MCI Miritz is today a globally active ingredients supplier with locations on three continents. We see it as our duty to constantly develop ourselves further in order to help your products to success with our creativity and the technologies available to us. Compliance with quality standards and regulations is a matter of course for us. Our employees in all areas help us every day to become your partner for successful and sustainable citrus ingredients.


Our History


  • 1965

    Wolfgang Miritz GmbH & Co. KG was founded by Wolfgang Miritz. Together with his brother Hans-Dieter Miritz, they decided to found and build a production for citrus peel distillates.


  • 1967

    First modernization in Sicily - a 10 meter distillation column is installed.


  • 1968

    Miritz GmbH moved out of a rented area into our own production facility, with laboratory and administration, in Rosdorf near Göttingen.


  • 1973

    From 1973 - 1978 the construction of a new modern factory in Sicily took place under difficult conditions. For a full 12 months water was scarce, construction workers went on strike, and the corresponding building permits were difficult to obtain there.


  • 1988

    Dr. Tillmann Miritz and Dipl.-Ing. Christian Miritz, sons of the company founders, took over the management of the company.


  • 1990

    For the first time concentrated orange oils were launched on the market. For further expansion, planning and construction of a new production facility was considered.


  • 1991

    Founding of MCI Miritz Citrus Ingredients GmbH, Germany and start in a rented premises in Arenshausen.


  • 1993

    After a long search a suitable property was finally found in Kirchgandern. At the end of June the construction of a large and modern production plant began.


  • 1994

    On 12.12.1994 - Move to the new factory. The company now comprised an administration building, a production tower, mixing rooms and several storage and tank halls.


  • 2000

    Founding of MCI Miritz Citrus Ingredients LLC in New Jersey, USA.


  • 2006

    Open Day 2006.

    Opening of the fourth construction phase with the state Minister of Thuringia, Dieter Althaus.
    Process waste water could now be handled in-house through the construction of the company's own sewage treatment plant.


  • 2008

    20th anniversary of the company management (Dr. Tillmann Miritz, Christian Miritz).
    Erection and inauguration of the lemon statue (basalt) by the famous stone sculptor Wolf Bröll.


  • 2010/2011

    The fifth construction phase was erected on the site of the neighboring nail factory.
    The large hazardous goods warehouse, with corresponding product capacities, enables further strong expansion.


  • 23.07.2012

    Visit of the Thuringian state Minister, Christine Lieberknecht, as part of her tour around Thuringia.

  • 2012/2013

    A historic villa was converted into a modern Citrus Center, with appropriate meeting and event facilities, in coordination with the responsible monument protection authority.


  • September 2013

    In recognition of the special services at the location, the municipality of Kirchgandern decided to rename the street "Zur Furthmühle" to "Citrusstraße".


  • 2015

    Founding of subsidiary GGN (Golden Grove Naturals), located in Tucki Tucki Australia.


  • 2016

    Complete takeover of the company by Dr. Tillmann Miritz


  • 2017

    Laying of the foundation stone for construction section 7

Our production

To process citrus fruits, our highly qualified team of flavorists, food technologists and chemists have access to every available technology that makes it possible to produce citrus ingredients and essential oils from the fruits of citrus plants. Technologies such as CO2 high-pressure extraction, chromatography, liquid-liquid extraction, molecular distillation, vacuum distillation, rectification, short-path evaporation or spinning cone column are used.

Warehouse and logistics 

MCI Miritz is your worldwide partner for essential citrus oils and their processing. With our extensive storage capacity of over 5000 tons in central Europe and the MCI Miritz distribution centers in New York and Chicago, we are able to respond quickly and easily to your short-term requirements for essential oils, citrus ingredients and other citrus plant specialties. We help you meet your deadlines - anywhere in the world and around the clock. For us the desire of the customer is crucial and a punctual delivery "just in time" obligation. In the production of citrus flavors and fragrances, we are happy to develop customized solutions - perfectly tailored to your product and needs.



We use all available technologies to develop, improve, test and analyze leading edge products in the Citrus Sector. MCI Miritz always focuses on the customer's wishes and opinions. 
You can be sure that in our comprehensive quality control we never forget that, despite a high technology input, it is precisely the nose that decides whether our joint products - whether essential oils, citrus ingredients or fragrances - will be a success.