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Since our foundation in 1965, we have been working to develop and provide quality fragrances and flavours - worldwide. MCI Miritz is your reliable partner for the development and production of ingredients and flavours from citrus products according to your individual criteria. Our locations in the USA, Germany and Japan enable us to react quickly to your requirements around the globe and create solutions that meet your needs in a timely manner.


Our locations

MCI Miritz Citrus GmbH & Co. KG
Citrusstr. 3
37318 Kirchgandern

MCI Miritz Citrus Intercontinental GmbH & Co. KG
Citrusstr. 3
37318 Kirchgandern
Phone: +49 36081 621-0; Fax: +49 36081 621-999

MCI Miritz Citrus Intercontinental LLC
28 Railroad Avenue
The Demerest Building, Suite 2B
Warwick, NY 10990
Phone: 001-845-988-9920; Fax: 001-845-988-9921

Morimura Bros., Inc.
Toranomon Towers Office,
1-28, Toranomon 4-chome,
Tokyo 105-8451
Phone: +81-3-3432-3574; Fax: +81-3-3432-3575

Golden Grove

Golden Grove Naturals (GGN) became our newest investment in 2016, in association with an Asian and local investor. Primarily a tree plantation and distillery in its current state, GGN is the evolution of one of the first commercial tea tree plantations in Australia, with roots dating back to early 1980s when it was known as Australian Plantations Limited. The combined capacities of the plantation resources, contracted land and current commercial activities will allow GGN to offer upwards of 100 MT of tea tree oil to the market each year. Set to grow both organically and through acquisition over the coming years a first initiative is to explore further planting of other, in demand, Australia native plants to ensure that more products have the sustainable future that tea tree has come to enjoy over the past three decades. In addition, refinements to the current distillery and plantation management will be introduced to ensure that we offer the highest quality tea tree oil available on the market today. Supplementing our activities in Tea Tree, GGN will also offer other local Australian essential oils, which include many specialist items currently exciting the perfumery and aromatherapy markets.



Nature serving the senses
We bring Nature’s best to you so that your product, like nature itself, may enliven, comfort, nourish, heal, and delight. Since we know you are always looking for something new to offer your clients, so are we. Our aim is to surprise, and thankfully Nature has the same objective. Nature is constantly revealing new ingredients, scents and flavours. We survey landscapes, near and far, to find Nature’s latest revelations and bring them to you.

Nature’s best essential oils
Cedarome is a leading, worldwide producer and supplier of pure and natural Essential Oils, notably cold pressed Citrus Oils, Natural Isolates, and Canadian Forest Naturals particularly, coniferous oils, concretes, absolutes and resins. Our products are used in flavour, pharmaceutical, aromatherapy, cosmetic, fine fragrance, personal care, household fragrance and industrial cleaner industries.