You can be sure that we take the same care in the selection of our raw materials as you do in the selection of your suppliers.

In order to guarantee our customers an even supply of citrus products, regardless of crop fluctuations, we have been working for decades with our Italian partner MCI Miritz & Di Bartolo in Calatabiano on the east coast of Sicily, directly in the cultivation area for you. The (citrus) fruits are processed directly on site into essential oils, aromas and fragrances in a production process that is subject to constant optimisation and quality control. 

Of course, Sicily is no longer able to meet its citrus fruit needs on its own. In order to always be able to offer attractive prices and good value for money for our products, we source our raw materials - the essential oils and extracts of citrus plants - worldwide from producers in Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Belize, Mexico, Florida, California, South Africa, Morocco, Spain, Greece and Israel. 

The long-term, proven cooperation with our suppliers is the guarantee for our raw material supply - even in difficult times.