As a manufacturing company, we use various technologies to supply our customers with the best quality citrus products. The need for us to consider, in all activities, the sustainability in our sourcing and processing of ingredients is one of our guiding principles. With this awareness, we have modeled our company to ensure our social and ecological responsibility are in harmony with our goals as a first-rate ingredients manufacturer. We are aware of the importance of carefully controlling the risks to our environ-ment and employ installations and energy in compliance with a sustainability platform:

  • 100 % of the electricity used is obtained from green electricity.
  • 30 % of the heating power is produced with a vegetable oil burner. This is operated with naturally renewable raw materials.
  • Over 50 % of the heating systems are operated with residual heat from our production facilities.
  • The production wastewater is cleaned in an in-house sewage treatment plant and then reused in production.
  • A modern and energy-saving lighting system is used in the storage and production areas.
  • A certified energy management system, with programs for the further development of energy-saving technologies is utilized.
  • We are working together with the local communities concerned to increase forestation.

Raw Material Sourcing

As one of the world‘s largest processors of citrus essential oils, we work with suppliers around the world. We have close collaborations and partner-ships with large and small producers, cultivated over many decades. We are committed to these partnerships which aid us in meeting critical and evolving demands for quality, ethical sourcing and sustainable supply.

We expect our customers to comply with the ethical and social standards of the BSCI and regularly visit and monitor our suppliers.

MCI Miritz is registered with Sedex and we work with the SAI Platform.

  • 100 % of our suppliers are checked for compliance with the BSCI standards.
  • We source 60 % of our raw materials from sustainably managed plantations
  • 3 % of our raw materials come from fair trade certified plantations.


As a family-owned company with production and storage facilities in Europe and the USA, we have a clear understanding of the effects of our business on our people and the environment. Our core values include respect and integrity towards our employees, commitment to our local communities and supporting our supply chain.