Citrus sinensis

D-limonene ((R)-(+)-limonene) is one of the most abundant monoterpenes in plants. In many citrus peel oils the content of D-limonene is particularly high, for example D-limonene is the main component of orange oil. The substance D-limonene has an orange-like odor. This is why D-limonene is used as a fragrance in the food and perfume industries. In addition, this substance is used as a natural, biogenic solvent, for example in paints and cleaning agents.

Product Details
Botanical name: Citrus sinensis
Plant/part used: Fruit/peel
Production massed of raw material: Cold pressed
Production technology: Distillation/Rectification
TSCA CAS: 68647-72-3
EINECS CAS: 8028-48-6
EINECS: 232-433-8
Appearance: Fluid, clear
Chemical Identification: Orange, sweet, extract (orange oil, sweet, terpenes and terpenoids)
Density: 0,8390 - 0,8450
Refractive index: 1,4690 - 1,4750
Optical rotation at 20 °C, 10 cm (°): 98 - 104.5
Chemical constituents: Limonene, Myrcene, a-Pinene
REACH: Registered