Cold Pressed Lime Oil

Citrus aurantifolia

Cold-pressed lime oil is greenish to brownish in colour. It is obtained from two types of fruit, the Persian or Tahitian lime (Citrus latifolia) and the Mexican lime (Citrus aurantifolia). Despite certain differences in composition and sensory profile, the two oils are relatively similar. The skins are a by-product of juice production. The oil yield of lime oil is about 4 kilograms of oil per 1000 kilograms of fruit. Approximately 2.0 million kilograms of lime oil are produced annually worldwide. With a market share of over 50 %, Mexico is by far the most important production location for oil. Lime oil is also cultivated and processed in countries such as Brazil and Peru.

Product Details
Botanical name: Citrus aurantifolia
Plant/part used: Fruit/peel
Production method of raw material: Cold pressed
Processing technology: no processing
TSCA CAS: 8008-26-2
EINECS CAS: 90063-52-8
EINECS: 290-010-3
Appearance: Fluid, yellow-green/brown
Chemical identification: Lime (Citrus aurantifolia), extract (lime oil)
Density 20 °C (g/ml): 0.8580 - 0.8700
Refractive index at 20 °C: 1.4720 - 1.4850
Optical rotation at 20 °C, 10 cm (°): 35 - 58
Chemical constituents: Limonene, gamma-Terpinene, beta-Pinene, Citral
REACH: Registered