Bergamot Oil Bergapten-free

Citrus bergamia

Bergapten is a natural substance that occurs in cold-pressed bergamot oil. This substance belongs to the so-called furanocoumarins, which can cause damage on contact with skin and light due to their phototoxic effect. In order to solve this problem, new methods have been developed for the production of bergamot oil bergapten-free. This oil is mainly used in the perfume and cosmetics industry.

Product Details
Botanical name: Citrus bergamia
Plant/part used: Fruit/peel
Production method of raw material: Cold pressed
Processing technology: Various
TSCA CAS: 68648-33-9
EINECS CAS: 89957-91-5
EINECS: 289-612-9
Appearance: Fluid, colorless or yellow-green/brown
Chemical identification: Bergamot, extract (bergamot oil, psoralen-free)
Density 20 °C (g/ml): 0.8550 - 0.8850
Refractive index at 20 °C: 1.4550 - 1.4750
Optical rotation at 20 °C, 10 cm (°): 21 - 46
Chemical constituents: Limonene, Linalyl acetate, Linalool