Bergamot Oil 1-fold

Citrus bergamia

Bergamot is a small, round to slightly pear-shaped, green-yellow citrus fruit. It is a hybrid resulting from the crossing of bitter orange and sweet lemon. Unlike many other citrus fruits, it is cultivated exclusively for the production of essential oils. The oil is extracted from the peel by cold pressing. Bergamot oil, mainly produced in Calabria and Italy, is considered to be the most valuable category of citrus oils on the international trade market.
Bergamot is a popular fragrance and is considered a frequently used top note in the perfumery industry. Used in aromatherapy applications, bergamot oil is known as an anxiety and stress reliever. The relaxing, soothing aroma can help with depression, sleep disorders and insomnia.

Product Details
Botanical name: Citrus bergamia
Plant/part used: Fruit/peel
Production method of raw material: Cold pressed
Processing technology: no processing
TSCA CAS: 8007-75-8
EINECS CAS: 89957-91-5
EINECS: 289-612-9
Appearance: Fluid, yellow-green/brown
Chemical identification: Bergamot, extract
Density 20 °C (g/ml): 0.8550 - 0.8850
Refractive index at 20 °C: 1.4550 - 1.4750
Optical rotation at 20 °C, 10 cm (°): 15 - 33
Chemical constituents: Limonene, Linalyl acetate, Linalool